Beginning of the Sentul International Circuit is Madness in the automotive enthusiasts to pursue his profession,  to become professionals in the automotive world. Talents and potential untrained need supporting venue. Talk about the venues, when  it became clear that Indonesia’s automotive world lack the venues to hone skill in supporting achievement. In a such of this country  there is only one circuit, the circuit Ancol. And that’s not worth it used to hold International events. As a result, national riders only compete with each other. Their achievements can not be driven optimally, So when Circuit Ancol have been evicted because it was considered not worthy for the master plan of Jakarta, appeared the dream to build a circuit that meets requirements of the FIA. The choice fell on a plot of land in a Village.

From here the name of the Sentul Circuit is obtained. The project began construction of the Sentul Circuit in late January 1992. Where the design and construction supervised by the FIA Safety Agency (agency for International Automotive).  Even John Corsmit, chairman of the FIA Safety at the  time, intervened  directly supervise this great project. Its presence is vital to achieve the title of Circuit Level International an absolute requirement to be able to hold an international prestigious racing event, such as GP 500 and formula 1. Step by step, that dream closer to reality.  On December 6  1992, Performed Soft Opening Sentul Circuit. Its Grand Opening on August 22 1993. As Known, Formula Brabham Racing main event. Sentul  Circuit has  also developed the area by building and arena Karting Circuit in the north, and this circuit have also convened a national Karting Championship and regional.